Fantastic Wood-fired pizzas at home with your own wood fired oven!

Imagine having a wood fired oven in your backyard. Mmmmm… Home made wood fired pizzas, roasts and crusty Italian-style bread…

If you’ve always wanted your own wood fired oven but thought the commercially available ovens were too expensive and the DIY options were too difficult, then The Outdoor Oven wood fired oven kits will be just what you are looking for.

Our pizza oven kits are designed for those who wish to build their own wood fired oven, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

The Outdoor Oven is perfect for food lovers who enjoy cooking, entertaining and relaxing at home – and who definitely don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

With an Outdoor Oven wood fired oven kit you can build your own wood fired pizza oven in just one weekend for only a few hundred dollars. The difficult tasks are already done for you so that you can build it easily, using just a few tools and readily available materials.

Building your oven has never been simpler. Our kits provide everything you need. All you need to provide is a base to put it on and a few wheel barrows of earth. You can get the whole family involved in making the oven and then in making pizzas.

We think we have developed the simplest and cheapest way of building your own wood fired pizza oven.  Our kits are designed and manufactured in Australia using the best quality materials available.

Last updated 27 May 2018

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